Start With What’s Under Your Control

Have you ever built an IKEA furniture? Have you ever skipped one step in a moment of distraction and had to go back, pull the screws out and start again? I certainly have. Assembling IKEA furniture is a good metaphor for life - and work - and business. When inexperienced, you have limited understanding of... Continue Reading →

Recognising Diminishing Returns

While I have learned about profits and costs during my studies, it is only working on my latest project that I really understood the practical implications of the theory. The client is a USDm 15 turnover company manufacturing cables (1). It has been loss-making for 10 years. The reason? Nobody is considering diminishing returns. The... Continue Reading →

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

With "The Lean Startup" Eric Ries signs a breakthrough in the history of business and of entrepreneurship in particular. His idea is simple yet difficult to enact: create and scale a business following a scientific method. The title of the book already gives much away. The lean philosophy takes roots in the middle of the 20th... Continue Reading →

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