Summary Notes on ‘Lean In’

My last post was a call to graduates based on my reading of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. There is a variety of themes I didn't address, however, and which I wanted to share. Find below notes from my reading. These are mostly just entire passages and sentences of the book structured in a coherent way.... Continue Reading →

A Call to (Women) Graduates

Leaving academia to join the workforce is one of the hardest transitions in life. With her widely appraised book Lean In, current Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg draws on both her experience and gender research to raise awareness about challenges women encounter in their career and how to tackle these. The book is not limited to women,... Continue Reading →

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

With "The Lean Startup" Eric Ries signs a breakthrough in the history of business and of entrepreneurship in particular. His idea is simple yet difficult to enact: create and scale a business following a scientific method. The title of the book already gives much away. The lean philosophy takes roots in the middle of the 20th... Continue Reading →

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