A Call to (Women) Graduates

Leaving academia to join the workforce is one of the hardest transitions in life. With her widely appraised book Lean In, current Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg draws on both her experience and gender research to raise awareness about challenges women encounter in their career and how to tackle these. The book is not limited to women,... Continue Reading →

Recognising Diminishing Returns

While I have learned about profits and costs during my studies, it is only working on my latest project that I really understood the practical implications of the theory. The client is a USDm 15 turnover company manufacturing cables (1). It has been loss-making for 10 years. The reason? Nobody is considering diminishing returns. The... Continue Reading →

The Power of a 2×2 Matrix

Much of classic economic theory is based on the assumption that human beings behave rationally, always seeking to maximise utility when making decisions. With the breakthrough of behavioural economics as a science, however, we know that the so-called Homo Economicus doesn't in fact exist in practice. Daniel Kahneman and his long-standing confrère Amos Tversky were among... Continue Reading →

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

With "The Lean Startup" Eric Ries signs a breakthrough in the history of business and of entrepreneurship in particular. His idea is simple yet difficult to enact: create and scale a business following a scientific method. The title of the book already gives much away. The lean philosophy takes roots in the middle of the 20th... Continue Reading →

The Key to Success

I started my career about two years ago together with a dozen other fresh graduates who joined my department in the firm that day. This large and rather unusual cohort made me think about what made us different from one another and who would thrive better in this new environment. All of us came either from a business or... Continue Reading →

The Personal Brand Dilemma

Growing up, I was always told that great honours are great burdens and that one should live hidden to live happy. So when I acted on the idea of creating this site, I hesitated to let my name appear. At the same time, the purpose of this site is to learn and to learn how to... Continue Reading →

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