A place to learn

My intention with this project is to learn and transmit. I believe education is the answer to most – if not all – problems and as such aspire to become a professor. While the teachings I would like to transmit are still unclear to me, with The Opinionist I am hoping to give sense to the experiences I live and express my ideas. Putting thoughts into words is key for both the learning process and the teaching profession after all.


A place to grow

The site further responds to the desire of getting a personal space, which I believe has become a widespread need of our times. Given its dynamic and customisable nature, the web lends itself to this purpose well. With The Opinionist I would like to grow personally and gain the credibility I need to make an impact on society through education.


A place to engage

The Opinionist is ultimately a place to engage with ideas and people as I aim to create an appealing content to my reader. I will use this platform to express my views on topical issues and review people’s work, but also explain concepts and share my broader life philosophy. Expect predominantly business-related and career-oriented posts, although this may change as I expand my horizon.

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